Boost performance for Visual Paradigm’s App on Mac OS X Mavericks

The latest Mac OS X Mavericks introduced couple of new features which help in improving the overall performance of the system, and preserve battery life for portable systems. One of them is call App Nap. The App Nap helps to slow down the applications which is being completely covered by another app. But in production environment you may often need to switch between the apps, i.e. checking out user’s requirement specification for designing the models, the App Nap could causing delay in switch between the Visual Paradigm’s App. To avoid this problem and allow Visual Paradigm’s App running with full power, you can:

  1. Right click on Visual Paradigm’s App and select Get Info

    Get Info on Visual Paradigm's App

    Get Info on Visual Paradigm’s App

  2. Select Prevent App Nap

    Select Prevent App Nap

    Select Prevent App Nap

After that Visual Paradigm’s app will run in full power under all situation, and with no delay when you switch between apps.

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