How to Achieve Optimal Performance with Large Scale Projects

When working with a large scale project with numerous diagrams, there may be some performance difference. It is only natural as huge projects impose more demanding resource allocation. Fortunately, Visual Paradigm offers ways to gear up for better accommodation. Basically, there are 3 practices we would recommend:

  1. Close unused diagrams before closing the application
  2. Use hierarchy to organize objects (avoid a flat structure at root level)
  3. Modularize diagrams (avoid giant diagrams)

For details, please visit Performance tune up for your large project.

On the note of resource allocation, some tasks are more memory-intensive than others, such as document generation which needs to process most of the elements (if not all) within your project. The default memory size is set for popular computer configurations but can be increased to speed up the process when needed.

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Solving SQL Server Connection Problem

SQL ServerUpon database modeling with Visual Paradigm, you always need to connect to the database server to perform generation of your database and reverse engineering of your ER model. However, you may encounter problem in connecting to the Microsoft SQL Server, which is a great obstruction to your modeling. In this article, we will provide ways to help you to check whether your configurations for connecting to SQL Server are correct.
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How to Reset Teamwork Server/ License Server Admin Password [Obsolete]

This article is out-dated and is only for VP Server prior to version 5.3. For version 5.3 or newer user please refer to How to Reset Admin Password for VP Server for details about how to reset the Admin password of the server.

In case you forget your administrator’s password, Teamwork Server/ License Server enables users to reset their password. This article will teach you how reset your administrator’s password in file.

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Setup Floating License Server as System Service on Linux

You can setup the Floating License Server as Linux system service. By setting up the server as service, it will start automatically when your machine boots up. This article will show you how to setup the floating license server as Linux system service. Read more

Adjust Memory Settings for Teamwork Server

When Teamwork Server starts, it will reserve certain amount of memory from your system. This memory allocation setting can be specified inside the launching script of the server. Read more

Two Solutions to the Problem of Setting Default Workspace

Some users may encounter this problem: after they set their preferred workspace as default in the Workspace Launcher dialog box, the default setting doesn’t change. The Workspace Launcher dialog box keeps popping up and shows the undesired workspace when they re-open the VP tool. The main problem is that they do not have the full permission to change the setting for default workspace. In this page, we will provide two solutions to deal with this problem.

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Advanced Printing Features of Logizian

Along with the basic printing setup, Logizian enables you to perform various additional functions in order to print the size of your diagram at its best. This article is mainly concerned with adjusting page margin, printing with multiple page mode and printing with clip marks.

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Choose a Different Dictionary in Spell Checking

The built-in spell checking feature of VP-UML/Agilian/Logizian helps ensure the correctness of model element names and documentation by marking those unrecognized words with red underlining. It works for numerous languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, etc. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to change the language of dictionary from American English, which is the default option, to British English.

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Why Cannot Install Both SDE and DB-VA on the Same IDE [Obsolete]

VP Suite installer is the installation program for installing all Visual Paradigm’s client software. During installation you may notices that there are both SDE and DB-VA products available. Read more