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How to create Custom Ribbon using Plugin API

Visual Paradigm Plugin API allow users extend functionalities of the software by writing custom plugins. The custom plugins can be triggered from application toolbar, diagram or model element’s popup menu, or from diagram’s toolbar. For application toolbar by default the plugins will be grouped under the Plugins menu. In this article you will learn how […]

What is Compatibility Mode in Digital Flipbook

Minor variations in how different web browsers handle content can impact the user experience of a web application. When Visual Paradigm Online identifies such issues, the digital flipbook is automatically displayed in compatibility mode. This mode prioritizes the best possible viewing experience for users, but comes with a trade-off that the following features are unavailable:

How to Change the Default Port for Local Embedded Server

The Visual Paradigm Local Embedded Server enables users to access server-dependent features in their Visual Paradigm desktop application without requiring team collaboration support or an internet connection. By default, the Visual Paradigm desktop application runs the local embedded server on port 2000. If this port conflicts with other services, users can follow the steps below […]