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How to stop the recurring payment of your Animated Explainer subscription

Visual Paradigm Animated Explainer is an online explainer video maker. It allow user to produce pro-graded animation videos in few clicks. Animated Explainer comes with two editions, the Free Edition and Pro Edition. The Pro Edition is a paid subscription service and in automatic recurring payment by default. You can stop the recurring payment directly […]

Why I Cannot Publish My Project to My Teamwork Server/VP Online workspace?

Starting from version 17.1 Visual Paradigm Desktop user (Standard Edition or above) can publish their project to the on-premises Teamwork Server/VP Online workspace (a.k.a repository). By default the Project Publisher dialog will show the options for publish the file to repository together with the access control setting. In case you don’t see those options then […]

What is vplauncher.vmoptions

vplauncher.options is a special file store configuration for Visual Paradigm Desktop Application’s Java runtime. The configuration specify here are for alter the behavior of Visual Paradigm’s Java JVM. Options are define follow to Java’s convention with one option per line. This file is stored under VisualParadigm setting folder.

What is UserSpecific.options

UserSpecific.options is a special file store configuration for override default behavior of the application. The configuration specify here are either override application behavior, or saving administrator’s effort on distribute some general configuration to users. Options are define in name=value pair with one option per line. This file is stored under VisualParadigm setting folder.

How to create Custom Ribbon using Plugin API

Visual Paradigm Plugin API allow users extend functionalities of the software by writing custom plugins. The custom plugins can be triggered from application toolbar, diagram or model element’s popup menu, or from diagram’s toolbar. For application toolbar by default the plugins will be grouped under the Plugins menu. In this article you will learn how […]

What is Compatibility Mode in Digital Flipbook

Minor variations in how different web browsers handle content can impact the user experience of a web application. When Visual Paradigm Online identifies such issues, the digital flipbook is automatically displayed in compatibility mode. This mode prioritizes the best possible viewing experience for users, but comes with a trade-off that the following features are unavailable: