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How to Delete Project from Local Repository

Visual Paradigm support version control on models using VPository cloud service, or on-premises Teamwork Server. But in case user do not require team collaboration development support and do not have access to Internet, then he can use the embedded server to version his project. Same as the free VPository subscription user can have 1GB local […]

Replace Model Element with Open API

In Visual Paradigm the models you created are in repository basis, where a single model element can appear on multiple diagrams, or even multiple occurrence in a single diagram. Each occurrence (we call the view) on diagram is a visual presentation of the model element. In some case you might want to change the underlying […]

Create Generalization Set using Open API

The generalization set defines a set of generalization relationship that describe how the superclass may be divided by a set of subclasses. The generalization defined in the set can group together in diagram for better presentation of the model. The generalization set can defined via the GUI on diagram or using Open API. In this […]

Perform bulk Installation of Visual Paradigm with Academic Partner License on Mac

Bulk installation is a handy approach to install and activate Visual Paradigm on multiple machines. It is specially designed for Visual Paradigm Academic Partner License users who need to setup Visual Paradigm on a considerable number of computers. This article will describe the procedures required for perform the bulk installation on Mac environment.

How to create Rich Text Tagged Values

Tagged values offer a convenient way to define additional details to your models elements. In Visual Paradigm you can define tagged values for model elements in various data types, including plain text, integer, floating point number, Boolean, data and time, reference to another model elements, as well as HTML text. To create rick text tagged […]