Configure VP Server Update Module only provide update on specific build

tomcat-thumbVP Server providing the update server module which helps to host the product update. The update module will constantly check for update from Visual Paradigm’s download site.  By configure user’s Visual Paradigm client performing update via the update server, the colleagues are guarantee to be running the product on the same build. But for some company they want their colleague run on a fixed build rather than the latest one, you can then follow the procedure below to configure the update server only provide update on specific build number of Visual Paradigm. Read more

Setup VP Server with SQL Server

tomcat-thumbVP Server is a server application which included the Teamwork Server, Floating License Server and Update Server. Instead of setup these server applications one by one; they can be setup via the single VP Server package. VP Server using database for storing the settings and configurations, such as teamwork user account, history for check-in & check-out of project files, floating license status, etc. You can setup VP Server with an embedded database, or using some popular DBMS such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. This article will teach you how to setup a Microsoft SQL Server database for the VP Server. We will use the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Edition to demonstrate how it works. Read more

How to update VP Server

tomcat-thumbVP Server is an integrated server providing the facilities including Teamwork operation support, Hosting of floating license and Centralized update server. Upgrade VP Server to new build, or even new version is extremely easy and can be done in few clicks. This article will teach you how to update your VP Server using the build-in update feature.


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How to Adjust Default PermGen Memory Setting for VP Server 12.1

VP Server is a server application which included the Teamwork Server, Floating License Server, Update Server, as well as the PostMania service. It is a core module supporting various activities of your team, such as teamwork operations*, access of floating license#, software update as well as online review and comment your system and business design^. The default memory setting in VP Server capable to handle tasks for most of the teams. But in extreme situation you may need to adjust the PermGen memory setup to let the server running smooth and accomplish your challenging tasks. In this article we will show you how to adjust the PermGen memory setting of your VP Server 12.1 (or older version). Read more

How to Deploy VP Server to Apache Tomcat as WAR

VP Server is a server package which combines Teamwork Server, Floating License Server, Update Server also ElaborView Server into a single server. The default installation package already bundled with Apache Tomcat. But if you want to deploy it your own Tomcat, you may take the following procedures: Read more

Setup VP Teamwork Server on Secure Connection with Self-Signed Certificate

SSL, short for Secure Sockets Layer, is a protocol for enforcing secure communication via the network.  For Visual Paradigm Teamwork Server users, it is possible to setup such a communication between the client and server to protect their works. In this article, we will go through the steps for preparing a certificate that is expected to be known by those users involved, configuration of VP Teamwork Server, and the setup of clients. Read more