How to connect Visual Paradigm with multiple VPository

tomcat-thumbVPository is a cloud-based collaboration platform provided by Visual Paradigm. VPository allow software teams to store and share Visual Paradigm projects with team members. Companies could using VPository for team collaboration. In some situation user may need to connect with different VPository during their work, i.e. a consultant may need to connect to the VPository form their different customers. Since each Visual Paradigm workspace can only connect to one VPository, to achieve this user will need to work with multiple workspace, with each workspace connect to one VPository.

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How to retrieve use story scenario via Open API

tomcat-thumbIn requirement capturing use case is typically used to model the system goal where there user or stakeholder would like to achieve. Sometimes the use case could be very big and hard to manage. In agile development approach the use case would further break down into smaller pieces called user story. The user story is small and should be able to complete within a sprint so that the team can easily manage it and make progress to the development in consistent manner. Visual Paradigm support capture requirements with user stories, and within each user story user can define various execution scenarios that developers should be catered during development. The user story scenario is not just available to access within the VP’s interface, but also accessible from the Open API. In this article we will show you how to retrieve the scenario information using Open API. Read more

Setting up Floating License and License server on Mac

coverFloating license enables users to share the Visual Paradigm concurrently based on the limit of concurrent access specified on the floating license. In order to access the floating license, you need to install the VP Server and enable its Floating License Server Module in your Local Area Network in advance. This article will demonstrate how to download, install and configure VP Server and enable the Floating License Server module on Mac environment.


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How to make 2 entities map to a single class

tomcat-thumbVisual Paradigm support generate UML Class Model by analyzing the Entity Relationship Model you defined or from your database. The generated class model can then use to generate hibernate source code. By default each entity will be generated into one class model during the process. But in some situation you may want to have 2 related entities mapped to a single class model for better access of information in your program. In this article we will teach you how generate a single class for 2 entities in your model. Read more

How to create different notations in a single diagram

Visual Paradigm supported modeling with various notations, including the Unified Modeling Language (UML), System Modeling Language (SysML), Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD), Data Flow Diagram (DFD), Organization Chart, etc… When creating diagrams very often you may want to cross reference the notations from other diagram type, or even from other notation standards. In Visual Paradigm you can do it easily by customizing the diagram toolbar. In this article we will show you how it works. Read more

How to upgrade your academic license to new version

tomcat-thumbVisual Paradigm Academic Partner Program is established for tertiary education institutions to adopt object-oriented technology. Educational institutions taking part in Academic Partner Program will be entitled to software license of Visual Paradigm, providing that the software is solely used for educational purposes. The academic license will be entitle for all the version upgrade through the subscription period. In this article we will show you how to upgrade your academic license to latest version. Read more

Why my license not upgrade to latest version even covered from maintenance?

As long as your Visual Paradigm license covered from maintenance it will entitle the upgrade to latest version. But in some situation you may found that your license do covered from maintenance but still no upgrade is available.

The license used by John Doe not being upgrade even covered form maintenance

The license used by John Doe not being upgrade even covered form maintenance

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Specifying details for your association

Association is a very comment relationship between classifiers. The association is not a simple connector, it carry lots of information related to the relationships between classifiers. Those information may/may not presented on diagram, but they are vital to the definition of your models. In Visual Paradigm there are several ways to define the details for your association and in this article we will show you one by one. Read more

How to verify the correctness of your downloaded Visual Paradigm software package

tomcat-thumbIf you found that the Visual Paradigm software package you just downloaded cannot be executed, this could be caused by the file you downloaded was incomplete or corrupted. Visual Paradigm offer MD5 and sha256 checksum to the software packages. With the checksum you can make sure the software package you downloaded is genuine, corrupt-free and safe to use.


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How to evaluate advanced feature which not covered in Community Edition

tomcat-thumbVisual Paradigm Community Edition is a FREE CASE tool for you to create professional-look diagrams in Unified Modeling Language (UML). It is a strip down version of the full Visual Paradigm package. The Community Edition is a good starting point for learning how to UML diagrams. As you get familiar with the software you may interested in other advanced features from the full Visual Paradigm package. Instead of reinstall the software with the evaluation version to try out those features, you can simply turn your Community Edition into evaluation version of the full Visual Paradigm in few clicks.


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