Free Web Fonts to Enhance your VP Online Design Artifacts

Visual Paradigm Online bundled over 1000 free fonts for user to perform graphic design works. Besides our bundled fonts user can use other custom fonts such as web fonts in their design. To use the web fonts:

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How to stop the recurring payment of your VP Online subscription

Visual Paradigm Online (VP Online) is an online design tool which allow users to create different artifacts using web browser. Except the Free Edition all other editions of VP Online are paid subscription service, and by default they are in automatic recurring payment. You can stop the recurring payment directly from your VP Online workspace:

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Perform Real-time Collaboration with your VP Online Artifacts

Visual Paradigm Online is a cloud base design platform which allow users create different diagrams, infographics, printables, web graphics, etc… and perform real-time collaboration on design works. In this article you will learn how to share your artifacts to your team for co-editing.

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Fix Project Publisher Generate Blurry Diagram Image Problem

When try to output your project with large diagram using Project Publisher you may found it looks blurry. This is because by default Project Publisher will limit the size of the generated diagram image to maximum 4096 x 4096 px. If your diagram is larger than this size then the exported image will being scaled thus making the content looks blurry. To override this default setting:

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Visual Paradigm being complained malicious software by macOS

Some user may experience problem that Visual Paradigm application being complained as malicious software when trying to run it on macOS.

Visual Paradigm being complain as malicious software
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Specification Dialog Hang on macOS Big Sur

On macOS 11 Big Sur open the diagram or model specification dialog may cause the application hang. The root cause is the Big Sur changed some behaviour on handling of non-modal dialog when application is run in full screen mode and this change affect most of the Java applications including Visual Paradigm. The following patch build solved this problem by turning the specification dialog to become modal by default.

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Setup VP Server System Service on MS Windows

By setup VP Server as system service it will automatically starts when the machine boots. This avoid the VP Server need to manually start by user before using it. In this article we will show you how to setup the VP Server as Windows system service.

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Output Element’s Layer Information using Doc. Composer

In Visual Paradigm you can put your diagram elements into different layers. This allows you to partition your diagram data into different levels and present them only when needed. Starting from version 16.1 build 20200630ax Visual Paradigm now support output element’s layer information into document. In this article we will teach you how to create custom template to output this information.

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Compatibility between VP Desktop and VP Online Diagrams

VP Online (formerly called VPository) is a cloud platform provided by Visual Paradigm. For user with VP Online license they can use web based diagram editor to create various diagrams. For user with VP Desktop license they can use VP Online as their project repository for team collaboration development. When VP Desktop user using VP Online as project repository some of the diagrams will be auto-synchronized between VP Desktop and VP Online, while some of them are accessible only in VP Desktop and will send to VP Online as a revision upon commit his work (change history). Read more