Configure VP Server to perform user authentication with Kerberos

Starting from version 16.0 Visual Paradigm’s on-premises Teamwork Server and VP Online support user authentication with Kerberos. This article explains how to configure your Teamwork Server/VP Online for Kerberos authentication.

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How to output class members to document which only show in diagram

Visual Paradigm support reuse models in different diagrams. The same element can have different presentations, or even showing different details on different diagrams. i.e., a class can show different set of attributes in different diagrams subject to the context. In this article we will show you how to create document for your classes which only showing the attributes which presented in your diagram.

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How to Modify Default Port of VP Server’s Content Repository

In latest version 16.0 Visual Paradigm introduced a new Form Builder feature (supported in Professional Edition or above) which allow user to create executable forms using visual editor. The designed form can go live for data collection. For on-premises Teamwork Server or local workspace (local personal server) the data collected by the forms will be stored in the local Content Repository within the server. Subject to user’s environment the default port used by Content Repository may conflict with other services on user’s computer. In case conflict was found user can change the port used by Content Repository. To change the port number of Content Repository:

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Create relationships between models by importing data from Excel

Visual Paradigm’s Excel export and import allow users to import data into project. This not just for importing of model elements, but also for relationships. In this article we will show you how to create relationships between models using the Excel.

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How to upgrade your VP Online (VPository) to new version

tomcat-thumbVP Online (formerly called VPository) is a cloud-based collaboration platform provided by Visual Paradigm. VP Online allow software teams to store and share Visual Paradigm projects with team members, as well as provide web based edition facilities for some diagrams. Software teams who subscribed to VP Online are granted a company-wide domain where project can be stored. When you upgrade your Visual Paradigm client to new version, your VP Online needs to follow. But don’t worry, you don’t need to get your hands dirty for the upgrade as Visual Paradigm Support Team do it for you. All you need to do is send us the request. In this article we will show you how to request for upgrade for your VP Online. Read more

AK006 – Invalid Login

This error means user entering incorrect login credential when login to VP Online. For example, incorrect login ID or password.

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Query Model Element’s Relationships using ETL Table

On-Demand Model ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) is a facility which allow user to query on their model elements (extract), manipulate them (transform) and further visualize them in diagram (load). The ETL table not just allow you to perform query on a single level of models, but also support nested levels such as the contained or connected elements. In this article we will show you how to configure the ETL table to perform query on 3 levels of model elements.

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Compatibility between VP Desktop and VP Online diagrams

VP Online (formerly called VPository) is a cloud platform provided by Visual Paradigm. For user with VP Online license they can use web based diagram editor to create various diagrams. For user with VP Desktop license they can use VP Online as their project repository for team collaboration development. When VP Desktop user using VP Online as project repository some of the diagrams will be auto-synchronized between VP Desktop and VP Online, while some of them are accessible only in VP Desktop and will send to VP Online as a revision upon commit his work (change history). Read more

WD0002 – File to open Web Diagram

This error means the VP Desktop Client fail to load the module for opening web based diagrams. For example, Inforgraphic, Process Map, Cloud Service Architecture diagrams, etc..

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Hash Project Contents Using VP Project Anonymous Tool

Visual Paradigm is always committed to deliver the best possible service to users. When users experience issues that seem to be too complex to diagnose over emails, users could send over their project files for us to better understand their problems and come back with a solution faster. However, we also understand that users might be concerned with passing along project files which contain sensitive or even confidential business information. To address this concern, we have developed the Project Anonymous Tool for users to hash their project data into meaningless information and make it safe to send in for diagnosis.

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