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  1. groundsystemengineer says:

    visual paradigm and jira integration? has anyone attempted? i’d like to create an activity diagram and export activities as jira tasks.

  2. VisualParadigm says:

    Thank you for your inquiry. Regretfully we do not support JIRA integration. For Task Management, we have our own feature called Tasifier, which is a feature that come along with our cloud based service called VPository. The following page provides you with more details about Tasifier:nnhttp://www.visual-paradigm.com/features/task-management/

  3. Escain says:

    Tasifier is great, but usually a company has already something, and Clouds are not always possible.
    In our team, cloud are forbidden, and Changing the full department task management tool is also out of scope. I would like to use visual paradigm at work, but cause of such “black-box” strategy, I HAVE to go for other tools which I deeply dislike (EA). Please, consider alternative strategies, it would bring you more customers.

  4. VisualParadigm says:

    Regarding the Cloud, we have exactly the same functionality can install in your site with VP Teamwork Server (On Premises).
    I am interested to continue our discussion on the integration. I guess you mean, there should be integration between other task management tool. Can you share to me where you want the integration point happen? For example:
    1. Model Elements link to task
    2. User Story link to your project
    or any others

    I am looking forward to hear from you.

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