Perform bulk Installation of Visual Paradigm with Academic Partner License on Mac

Bulk installation is a handy approach to install and activate Visual Paradigm on multiple machines. It is specially designed for Visual Paradigm Academic Partner License users who need to setup Visual Paradigm on a considerable number of computers. This article will describe the procedures required for perform the bulk installation on Mac environment.

To perform bulk installation on Mac:

  1. Download Visual Paradigm software from your Academic Partner Portal and install it on any of your Mac machine.
  2. Copy the installed Visual to the target machines in the Mac pool (i.e. copy to /Applications).
  3. Launch the copied Visual and then shut it down once it is launched. You can shut it down as long as it showing any GUI.
  4. Download the ap_install_config.xml from your Academic Partner Portal and put it into /Applications/Visual
  5. Download the, unzip it and put it into /Applications/Visual Rename it to
  6. Open Terminal and navigate (using CD command) to /Applications/Visual folder.
  7. Execute command chmod +x in Terminal.
  8. Execute command ./ in Terminal.
  9. Login to your Academic Partner Portal as admin user once the execution complete without error.
  10. Click on the Users tab to approve the activation.

You can download the from here.

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