How to Delete Project from Local Repository

Visual Paradigm support version control on models using VPository cloud service, or on-premises Teamwork Server. But in case user do not require team collaboration development support and do not have access to Internet, then he can use the embedded server to version his project. Same as the free VPository subscription user can have 1GB local space on embedded server for version support to their projects. In case space the local repository run out of space user can delete the projects to reclaim the space. To delete the project in local repository:

  1. Go to Team > Utilities and select Open Teamwork Client.

    Open Teamwork Client

  2. Select Repository > Admin Repository. This will open the repository administration portal in browser.

    Select Admin Repository

  3. Select the Projects tab on the left.

    Select Projects tab in admin portal

  4. Select the project you would like to delete, then press Bulk Action > Delete.

    Select the project to delete

  5. Do the math as prompted and press Delete to proceed.

    Confirm to delete the project

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