Why I cannot migrate my project to Scrum for requirement management?

When I try to migrate the legacy UeXceler in my project into Scrum the following error showing up.

Cannot migrate legacy UeXceler to Scrum

This is because you didn’t the Update Project permission on your VPository/On-premises Teamwork Server which is required for the migration. To solve this problem:

  1. Login to VPository/On-premises Teamwork Server as Admin user, or a user with Manage Member permission.
  2. Select Members tab on the left.

    Select Members tab

  3. Mouse over to member who need to do the migration and press the Edit button.

    Edit member

  4. Switch to Permissions tab, change Update Project permission to Allow and press Save button to confirm the change.

    Grant update project permission

  5. Now on client side logout the web client and login again will then allow user to migrate legacy UeXceler to Scrum.

    Logout the client and login again to perform migration

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