Running Floating License with VPository

VPository is a free cloud service for Visual Paradigm users to perform various team collaboration activities such as version control, change management, task management, agile requirement capturing, etc. In version 14.1 it further improved which now support hosting of floating license key. Now floating license users no longer need to setup their own floating license server. They can host their floating license using VPository for reduce their administration work. This also enable their license accessible from any place around the word without the needs of setup of any VPN or special tunnel. This article will show you how to configure your v14.1 VPository to host your floating license.

Subscribe to VPository

If you not yet subscribe to VPository then you can subscribe one by select Team > Login > Subscribe to VPository.

Subscribe to VPository

Setup Floating License in VPository

Once you subscribed to VPository you can use it to host your floating license.

  1. Visit your VPository via browser.
  2. Press the Login button at the top right to login to your VPository with your Manager Account (the original subscriber of the VPository).

    Login to VPository as manager user

  3. Press on your name at the top right to open the popup menu, then select Manager VPository.

    Select Manage VPository

  4. Select Administration > Floating License on the left menu.

    Manage floating license

  5. Downloaded from your Customer Service Center account, then press the Choose File button next to Floating License Key file to upload your floating license key.

    Upload floating license key to VPository

  6. Since VPository can be access all over the world, it is important to protect your license from unauthorized usage by providing access code. Enter Access Code for your license so that only user knowing the code can access to the license.

    Define access code for floating license

  7. You can optionally change the license administrator email so that he will get notified when there are abnormal activities being recorded on your floating license.

    Specify license administrator email

  8. Once everything is done, press Install button to proceed.

    Install floating license to VPository

    Floating license ready in VPository

Configure VP Client Acquire Floating License from VPository

On VP client side:

  1. Select Perpetual License when License Manager dialog showing up (either from the first time launching the software, evaluation license expired, or manually open from Window > License Manager).

    Select Perpetual License in License Manager

  2. Select Floating License.

    Select Floating License

  3. Change the connection protocol to https://

    Change connection portocol to https://

  4. Enter the URL of your VPository to the Host field and enter the Access Code defined to your floating license. Press Connect to Server button to acquire for license.

    Specify connection details, access code and connect to server

  5. After that the available licenses will be showing. If you have floating licenses in multiple editions with the same access code then you can select the edition you would like to start with.

    Apply license from server

  6. Press Apply button then Visual Paradigm will be launched using the floating license key in your VPository.

    Visual Paradigm starts with floating license from VPository

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