Progressively Develop Conceptual, Logical and Physical ERDs

tomcat-thumbEntity-Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) come in 3 types in general. They describe data models on 3 levels of abstraction – conceptual, logical and physical, ranging from high-level ideas to details required for implementation. With Visual Paradigm, you can systematically and easily progress through these stages of development in data modeling.

Far from a copy & paste function only, you can actually develop a logical or physical design from a conceptual diagram, with the design tracing ability.

For example, if a new staff comes on board to work on a project’s physical design ERD, he/she can click on a database table to trace where this idea originally comes from in the conceptual diagram (to which it is inherently linked by Visual Paradigm). This function will not only bring relief to the staff but also help safeguard the project’s quality along the way.

In this article, we will show you an example on how to create a conceptual ERD and transit it to a physical ERD, from which you can generate a DLL file for database implementation. Read more