AK006 – Invalid Login

This error means user entering incorrect login credential when login to VP Online. For example, incorrect login ID or password.

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WD0002 – File to open Web Diagram

This error means the VP Desktop Client fail to load the module for opening web based diagrams. For example, Inforgraphic, Process Map, Cloud Service Architecture diagrams, etc..

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S101 – No Valid license

This error means license was found but was not valid for the version of Visual Paradigm you using. For example, you have installed the latest version software but unfortunately your license already out-of-maintenance and not entitle for upgrade. Read more

S100 – Activation code not found

This error means we didn’t find a valid Visual Paradigm license for your software. You must use a valid activation code to activate Visual Paradigm. Your activation code should be in the confirmation email you received after buying Visual Paradigm, in the order confirmation screen, or downloaded from your Customer Service Center account. Read more