How to stop the recurring payment of your Animated Explainer subscription

Visual Paradigm Animated Explainer is an online explainer video maker. It allow user to produce pro-graded animation videos in few clicks. Animated Explainer comes with two editions, the Free Edition and Pro Edition. The Pro Edition is a paid subscription service and in automatic recurring payment by default. You can stop the recurring payment directly from your VP Online workspace: Read more

How to use Google Analytics to Track the Performance of your Flipbooks/Slideshows

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It is one of the most popular web analytics tool available and is used by website owners and digital marketers to gain insights into how users interact with their websites. Visual Paradigm Online support integrate with Google Analytics. In this article you will learn how to track the performance of your flipbooks and slideshows using Google Analytics.

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Define Centralized Configuration for VP Desktop Client and Rollout via Teamwork Server/VP Online

Starting from version 17.1 administrator can distribute pre-defined application configurations to Visual Paradigm Desktop Client via VP Server or VP Online.

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What is Compatibility Mode in Digital Flipbook

Minor variations in how different web browsers handle content can impact the user experience of a web application. When Visual Paradigm Online identifies such issues, the digital flipbook is automatically displayed in compatibility mode. This mode prioritizes the best possible viewing experience for users, but comes with a trade-off that the following features are unavailable:

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Import Visio Stencils to VP Online Diagram to become custom palette

Visual Paradigm Online Diagram (VP Online Diagram) is a powerful tool allow users team collaborate together to create different diagrams online using web browser. VP Online Diagram provide wide range of resources for user to create diagrams. Beside the bundled resources user can also import Visio Stencils to become their own custom palette. In this article we will show you how to import Visio Stencils to create diagram palette. To create your own palette:

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Setup Team Collaboration Environment using VP Online

For Visual Paradigm Desktop user they can sign up VP Online and use it as their team collaboration repository. As long as your repository do not exceed 1GB size then this service will be free of charge. This article provide step-by-step instruction to VP Desktop user about how to sign-up their VP Online workspace and perform team collaboration on it.

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Free Web Fonts to Enhance your VP Online Design Artifacts

Visual Paradigm Online bundled over 1000 free fonts for user to perform graphic design works. Besides our bundled fonts user can use other custom fonts such as web fonts in their design. To use the web fonts:

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Compatibility between VP Desktop and VP Online Diagrams

VP Online (formerly called VPository) is a cloud platform provided by Visual Paradigm. For user with VP Online license they can use web based diagram editor to create various diagrams. For user with VP Desktop license they can use VP Online as their project repository for team collaboration development. When VP Desktop user using VP Online as project repository some of the diagrams will be auto-synchronized between VP Desktop and VP Online, while some of them are accessible only in VP Desktop and will send to VP Online as a revision upon commit his work (change history). Read more

How to stop the recurring payment of your VP Online subscription

Visual Paradigm Online (VP Online) is an online design tool which allow users to create different artifacts using web browser. Except the Free Edition all other editions of VP Online are paid subscription service, and by default they are in automatic recurring payment. You can stop the recurring payment directly from your VP Online workspace:

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Perform Real-time Collaboration with your VP Online Artifacts

Visual Paradigm Online is a cloud base design platform which allow users create different diagrams, infographics, printables, web graphics, etc… and perform real-time collaboration on design works. In this article you will learn how to share your artifacts to your team for co-editing.

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