Get notify when changes made to your project

It is difficult to monitor every changes in your model when working in large team and with multiple projects running in parallel. In VPository or On-premises Teamwork Server you can add user as Watcher of the project. By adding user to Watchers list he will get notified by email when the project being modified. To add user to become Watcher of the project: Read more

How to update project to latest revision in VP Project Viewer

Visual Paradigm Project Viewer (VP Viewer) is a free application which allow users to browse the content inside the Visual Paradigm project file. In team collaboration environment, user can use VP Viewer to checkout project form VPository or on-premises Teamwork Server for review. Upon new revision of the project is available, VP Viewer user will be notified and he can update his project to latest revision for reviewing the changes. To update the project to latest revision for VP Viewer: Read more

Exporting documents via command line showing old content?

tomcat-thumbVisual Paradigm’s command line interface allow user to perform various actions without manually controlling the application. For example, user can using command line interface to instruct VP to download revision from VPository and generate the models into document. When generating documents user may experience a situation that the resulting document was not showing the most up-to-date content. This is caused by the Refresh before export flag haven’t being turn on in the document. To turn on the Refresh before export flag: Read more

Find out source project of a model element via Open API

The project reference feature in Visual Paradigm allow users to reuse model elements from different projects. This not just saving effort in re-creating same model element again and again across projects, but also maintain the consistence of models as the changes on the model element automatically reflect on the projects which using it. In complex situation such as multiple levels of reference project sometimes it will be difficult to identify the origin of a particular model element, especially when the diagrams are develop by multiple users. By using Open API we can create plugin to find out the origin project of a model element. In this article we will show you how to create this plugin. Read more

Importing models through Excel file

It’s always a nightmare when you need to transform your models from one format into another one, especially when you need to migrate to a new paradigm, i.e. convert your textual and tabular form data into a graphical presentation. Instead of re-creating all your model elements, you can transform your data into an Excel file, and import it to Visual Paradigm and visualize it as a diagram. To do this:


Read more

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