Launch Visual Paradigm in Specific Edition According to the License Available in Floating License Server

Visual Paradigm’s floating license environment allow teams running in mixed editions of Visual Paradigm. User can launch Visual Paradigm in specific edition according to the availability of license in license server. To do this:

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Revoke Floating License from User

Visual Paradigm Floating License allow the licenses being share across users. With floating license user can acquire license from license server to run the software. When finish using the software the license will return to server and release to pool for other users. In some case users may occupied the license but not really using it, this causing your team run out of licenses. In this article we will show you how to revoke the floating license which is acquired by user. Read more

How to Upgrade My Subscription to Higher Edition

tomcat-thumbVisual Paradigm license subscription service allows user to rent and use Visual Paradigm software on monthly basis. It helps user to save money while benefit from the use of modeling tools in software development. The subscription service is a good point to kick start of adopting Visual Paradigm product. As your project goes complex, you may need to upgrade your subscription from to higher edition for the advanced features. Upgrading your subscription is an easy task and can be done in few clicks. In this article, you will learn how to upgrade your Visual Paradigm subscription license to higher edition. Read more

How to Reassign Single Seat License to new Licensee

tomcat-thumbThe Visual Paradigm Single Seat License is a kind of named user license that can be used by a single named user. However, in corporate environment, it is unavoidable that the license may need to reassign to different user, i.e. the original user is being assigned to different task which no longer needs the software or he has simply left the company, in this case, you can deactivate the license from the previous user and reassign it to a new user. In this article, you will learn how to deactivate a license and reassign it to a new user. Read more

Activate Visual Paradigm with Site License

tomcat-thumbVisual Paradigm Site License allows all staff in your company or government department (under same email domain name) entitle to use Visual Paradigm without extra cost. In this article we will show you how to activate your Visual Paradigm with site license.


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How to Activate your Visual Paradigm Single Seat License

If you are reading this article, you have probably already purchased a license for Visual Paradigm. Thank you for choosing our product.

Once you place an order, you will immediately obtain the activation code from the online shop and you can use it to activate your Visual Paradigm. Suppose you already have an evaluation version installed, you can turn it into the licensed copy in a few clicks.


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How to Run a Subscribed Visual Paradigm Product

tomcat-thumbVisual Paradigm’s product subscription plan allows users to rent and use Visual Paradigm on monthly basis. It was designed to help customers to save money while benefiting them  from the use of modeling tools in software development.

To subscribe to a Visual Paradigm product is really easy. Just visit the Visual Paradigm Store and then follow the steps there to proceed to purchasing. And upon the completion, you will be able to start using the subscribed product without having to wait until the payment is received and processed. In this article, you will learn how to run a subscribed Visual Paradigm product.

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Running Floating License with VP Online (VPository)

VP Online is a free cloud service for Visual Paradigm users to perform various team collaboration activities such as version control, change management, task management, agile requirement capturing, etc. Now floating license users no longer need to setup their own floating license server. They can host their floating license using VP Online for reduce their administration work. This also enable their license accessible from any place around the word without the needs of setup of any VPN or special tunnel. This article will show you how to configure your VP Online workspace to host your floating license. Read more

Setting up Floating License and License server on Mac

coverFloating license enables users to share the Visual Paradigm concurrently based on the limit of concurrent access specified on the floating license. In order to access the floating license, you need to install the VP Server and enable its Floating License Server Module in your Local Area Network in advance. This article will demonstrate how to download, install and configure VP Server and enable the Floating License Server module on Mac environment.


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How to upgrade your academic license to new version

tomcat-thumbVisual Paradigm Academic Partner Program is established for tertiary education institutions to adopt object-oriented technology. Educational institutions taking part in Academic Partner Program will be entitled to software license of Visual Paradigm, providing that the software is solely used for educational purposes. The academic license will be entitle for all the version upgrade through the subscription period. In this article we will show you how to upgrade your academic license to latest version. Read more