Teach business process modeling techniques.

The Usage of BPMN Gateways

Gateways is a BPMN notation used to control how a process flows. Connected by sequence flows, a gateway acts as a decision point that decides which (outgoing) sequence flow to take based on the result of the evaluation of condition(s) specified. According to the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)’s definition, only sequence flow will affect the flow of activities while message flow does not. If you want to know message flow usage, please see How does BPMN message flow work? article. In this article, we will show you the different types of gateways and their behavior using the BPMN modeler featured by Visual Paradigm.

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How to Create BPMN Message Flow with an Attached Message

Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) use message flow to present communications between participants. The message flow in diagram can be extended to show the passing of the actual message. To show the message on message flow:

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Why I cannot control the width of the pool in my Business Process Diagram?

In my business process diagram the horizontal pool always spend the full length of the diagram and I cannot resize it. Why this happen and how can I reduce the length of the pool?

Cannot resize pool

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How to create black box pool with multi-instance participant

A pool in business process modeling notation is representing a participant in a collaboration. A pool can present as a container and showing the detail of its process, or present as a black box. If the pool is associated with participant it can then further specify its multiplicity. To create black box pool with multi-instance participant: Read more

How to Create Parallel Event-Based Gateway

tomcat-thumbThe Event-Based Gateway represent a branching point in business process where the alternative path being executed based on the events that occur. The Event-Based Gateway can be in Exclusive type of Parallel type. To create parallel event based gateway in business process diagram in Visual Paradigm:


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How to Group BPMN Tasks into Sub-Process

Complex workflow design makes it difficult for readers to get into the process flow. If flow elements in process diagram can be categorized into meaningful activity groups, you may want to group them as sub-processes and show their detail at lower-level process diagrams. Besides, by moving detailed flow to sub-diagram also helps maintain a consistent leveling of context a business process diagram try to present. In this article, you will see how to group several BPMN tasks into a sub-process. To help you understand the principle easier, a simple example will be used.

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Creating Data Object Collection in Business Process Diagram

Data Object representing the data being used or updated in your Business Process Diagram. This piece of data can be a physical document, or information in electronic form. It didn’t have any direct affect to the Sequence or Message Flows in the process model, but providing information about what the flow does. You can specify the Data Object meaning a single piece of data, or a collection of data. In this article we will show you how to specify the Data Object to be a collection in Visual Paradigm.

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How to Configure the Visual Properties of an Animation?

How to Configure the Visual Properties of an Animation?To animate a workflow in business process diagram enables you or your stakeholders to figure out a path easier. This is particularly useful when there are many possible paths in a business process.

During an animation, flow objects being reached by a token that controls the animation flow would be painted in purple. If you find the color not clear enough, or if you simply dislike purple :-), read this article to see how to change to another color.

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Define Stereotypes in Organization Chart

An organization chart is a diagram that visualizes the formal structure of an organization as well as the relationships and relative ranks of its positions. However, it is hard to tell which unit indicates a person and which unit represents a person’s position. With VP-UML, you are able to distinguish each unit through the application of stereotypes. This article will teach you how to define stereotypes in organization chart.

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How does BPMN message flow work?

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) message flow is used to visualize communications between organization. This article is going to show how to use message flow. There are two flash animation examples to show how message flow works in action.

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