How to Display a Parameter in Class without Showing its Name?

How to Display a Parameter in Class without Showing its Name?Programming languages like C or C++ accepts nameless arguments in function declaration. You may write something like void myFunction(double){…} to declare a function that accepts a double as argument. In modeling level, you can represent this kind of function by not showing the parameter name in an operation. This article shows you how to do this.

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How to Draw a Class Diagram with Separate Distinct Classes with Same Name?

00-class-diagram-class-name-thumbUsers are not allowed to give same name to two different UML classes when the classes are put under the same parent. It is like you cannot have two physical files with same name in same directory, or having two Java classes with same name under same package.

If you really need to draw two different classes in a class diagram but with same name, please check if you are really doing something legit. This article is written to give you some helps.

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Generate Class Diagram from Existing Classes

When creating a class diagram, sometimes we would draw it using the diagram toolbar and there are times we would reuse elements by drag & drop. However, when you start from scratch, sometimes it can be difficult to know which class goes with which because we may not necessarily know all relationships among them.

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