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How to Run a Subscribed Visual Paradigm Product

Visual Paradigm’s product subscription plan allows users to rent and use Visual Paradigm on monthly basis. It was designed to help customers to save money while benefiting them  from the use of modeling tools in software development. To subscribe to a Visual Paradigm product is really easy. Just visit the Visual Paradigm Store and then follow […]

How to Report Bug on Teamwork Operation

When you are using Visual Paradigm Teamwork Server (Teamwork Server) or VPository and find a problem, feel free to contact Visual Paradigm to seek for assistance. Remember, the more information you give us, the easier and faster for us to identify the problem, fix the problem and provide a proper solution. In most cases, the […]

Organize Project Data with Model

Very often when a project was started for some time, a lot of model elements are created, and most of them are placed at root. This not only makes the searching of model elements become difficult, but it also slow down the application because Visual Paradigm tries to load all root level model elements on […]

How to Share Stereotypes Definitions?

Stereotype is an extension mechanism you can use to define new model elements. In Visual Paradigm you can apply stereotype on both UML and BPMN elements. With the import/export stereotypes utility, you can easily share stereotypes’ definition with colleagues without having to re-configure them again from scratch. If conflicts are detected when importing stereotypes, you […]

Selecting Wireframe Widgets without Moving the Parent

The wireframe feature enables development teams to create initial screen mock ups without having to develop any semi-completed applications nor even any prototypes. Many development teams find wireframe an inexpensive and useful tool because wireframes are simple enough to be created in quick and be understood by anyone. Its simple layout also leaves room for discussions. Visual Paradigm’s wireframe tool has incorporated many editing functions that make […]

How to Specify the Application to Use in Opening File References?

The reference feature enables you to add external file and URL references to model elements. When you try to open a reference, Visual Paradigm will open it with system default application (or browser for URL reference). If you want to use another application or command to open certain kinds of file and URL references, read this article to learn how to […]

How to Easily Group Shapes Together?

The group feature helps you bring multiple shapes together so that you can select, move and delete them together easily. Grouping and ungrouping of shapes can be performed easily with the help of the resource-centric interface. In this article you will learn how to group and ungroup shapes with resource.