How to Group BPMN Tasks into Sub-Process

Complex workflow design makes it difficult for readers to get into the process flow. If flow elements in process diagram can be categorized into meaningful activity groups, you may want to group them as sub-processes and show their detail at lower-level process diagrams. Besides, by moving detailed flow to sub-diagram also helps maintain a consistent leveling of context a business process diagram try to present. In this article, you will see how to group several BPMN tasks into a sub-process. To help you understand the principle easier, a simple example will be used.

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How to Show All Levels of Preview Shapes

When one shape is nested inside another, such as sub-process, its content (shapes) inside would show along with what’s outside in diagram at the same time. For example, if a sub-process is not composed of any other sub-processes, it will appear in business process diagram, with the shapes (e.g. tasks) that make it up inside itself. However, the viewing works up to one level of nesting only by default.

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