How to rename your team collaboration project in VP Desktop

In VP Desktop you can rename your team collaboration project (either in VP Online or on-premises Teamwork Server) in the following way. Read more

How to reset your VP Online password

tomcat-thumbVP Online (former VPository) is a cloud-based collaboration platform provided by Visual Paradigm. The enterprise-strength collaborative platform provides software development teams with 1 GB FREE storage to store their software design. Team members can work with VP Online either using VP Desktop client, or directly using browser. You have full permission to manage your VP Online over the web, including manage of member accounts. In case you lost your password you can easily reset it over the web interface. This article describe how to reset your password via the web interface. Read more

Why I cannot control the width of the pool in my Business Process Diagram?

In my business process diagram the horizontal pool always spend the full length of the diagram and I cannot resize it. Why this happen and how can I reduce the length of the pool?

Cannot resize pool

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Split lifeline activation bar to model focus of control

In sequence diagram it is very common to use the activation bar to model the focus of control in runtime. In Visual Paradigm by default the activation bar of the lifeline will extend automatically along with its incoming and outgoing messages.

Sequence Diagram with activation bar on lifeline

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How to evaluate different editions of VP Online

Visual Paradigm Online (VP Online) is a pure web based platform provide modeling and project management support. It comes with different editions covering different set of features. By default when you evaluate VP Online it will be in the Premium Edition which cover all the features. In case you would like to try out the lower editions you can follow the steps below to make the change: Read more

Create Migration Roadmap Diagram using Open API

Migration roadmap allow user to model and document the time frame, transition and migration of his projects. Besides it also helps to record when a project is reviewed and investment will take place throughout its life-cycle. In Visual Paradigm you can create migration roadmap by manually create it on diagram, or generate it via Open API. In this article we will show you how to create migration roadmap using Visual Paradigm‘s Open API.

The migration roadmap created with Open API

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How to upgrade your Visual Paradigm Desktop client (perpetual license) to higher edition

You may be using the Modeler Edition of Visual Paradigm and want to upgrade to higher edition for more features. In this article, we will provide you with all the information about upgrading, from pricing to procedure. Read more

Create Business Process Diagram using Open API

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a standard to model and visualize the business workflow. In Visual Paradigm user can model the business workflow with BPMN using Business Process Diagram. In this article we will show you how to create Business Process Diagram with BPMN using Open API.

Sample Business Process Diagram

This is the Business Process Diagram we going to create. It consist of pools, lanes, task, sub-process, start and end events, as well as sequence and message flows. Read more

Why the class members not being generate to document?

Trying to create custom document template on Class Diagram to output its containing classes and its members but none of the class member being rendered…

No class member being rendered to document

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