Changing element type in diagram

When you maintaining, or even creating a diagram very often you may want to change an existing element into another model type. Unlike most of the diagramming software where user need to manually create the new element and re-establish the connectors, with Visual Paradigm you can done it in few clicks. In this article we will show you how it works. Read more

Exporting documents via command line showing old content?

tomcat-thumbVisual Paradigm’s command line interface allow user to perform various actions without manually controlling the application. For example, user can using command line interface to instruct VP to download revision from VPository and generate the models into document. When generating documents user may experience a situation that the resulting document was not showing the most up-to-date content. This is caused by the Refresh before export flag haven’t being turn on in the document. To turn on the Refresh before export flag: Read more

Find out source project of a model element via Open API

The project reference feature in Visual Paradigm allow users to reuse model elements from different projects. This not just saving effort in re-creating same model element again and again across projects, but also maintain the consistence of models as the changes on the model element automatically reflect on the projects which using it. In complex situation such as multiple levels of reference project sometimes it will be difficult to identify the origin of a particular model element, especially when the diagrams are develop by multiple users. By using Open API we can create plugin to find out the origin project of a model element. In this article we will show you how to create this plugin. Read more

How to reorder diagrams when export to a single PDF file

Visual Paradigm support exporting multiples diagrams into a single PDF file in just few clicks. This allow user easily deliver their diagrams to stakeholders for a quick review. By default the diagrams in exported PDF are ordered according to their type, but user can customize it by using logical view. To do this: Read more

Why I cannot generate ERD from class model?

There is nothing happen when I select Synchronize to Entity Relationship Diagram, no matter from the popup menu of class diagram or from Tools > Hibernate menu…

Synchronize from class model to ERD

Synchronize from class model to ERD

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How to change the location of UML models in IDE integration environment

tomcat-thumbVisual Paradigm IDE Integration allows user to run Visual Paradigm embedded in various popular IDEs, including Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA and Visual Studio. When running Visual Paradigm embedded in IDE, by default the Visual Paradigm project file will be stored inside the IDE project. To change the location of Visual Paradigm project file associated with your IDE project:


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Reuse Business Rule in Business Process Diagram

tomcat-thumbVisual Paradigm support define guideline with necessary constraints for executing certain business operations into business rules. The business rules are not just defined as reference in the business process models, but also can be visualize in diagram. To visualize h the business rule in business process diagram: Read more

How to customize the name of entity index

The database index helps to improve the performance on data retrieval on the database tables. The index allows database engine locate the required data without having to search in every record in the database table. When defining index for tables in Visual Paradigm, by default the index name will be automatically generated according to a predefined pattern and it is not editable by user.

Index name was automatically filled and cannot be modify

Index name was automatically filled and cannot be modify

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Why I cannot manage my Doc. Composer Templates?

I would like to make change to the Doc. Composer templates but received error complaining on the permission.

Complain on lack of permission to edit Doc. Composer templates

Complain on lack of permission to edit Doc. Composer templates

This is caused by you didn’t have sufficient permission enabled in your VPository. To solve this problem: Read more

How to create calculated column in ERD

The calculated column in database (also call generated column in some databases) allow users to define an expression for calculating values by using data from other columns. This saving user effort to obtain the values in desired form by let the DBMS handling it. In Visual Paradigm you can define the expression for calculated column by using the User Type. To create calculated column: Read more