Changing Background Color of Class Attributes using Open API

In class diagram the background color can apply to the entire class, or apply to individual class member. In this article we will demonstrate how to control the background color setting of class attributes in your activate diagram using Visual Paradigm Open API. Read more

How to create black box pool with multi-instance participant

A pool in business process modeling notation is representing a participant in a collaboration. A pool can present as a container and showing the detail of its process, or present as a black box. If the pool is associated with participant it can then further specify its multiplicity. To create black box pool with multi-instance participant: Read more

Create SysML Internal Block Diagram using Open API

The SysML internal block diagram use to model the decomposition of a block or its internal structure. In internal block diagram a block can be decompose into parts or subsystems. This article will show you how to create internal block diagram using Open API.

This is the internal block diagram we are going to create. Read more

Why UeXceler complain free trial expired even I’m having a purchased license?

The VPository complains I’m running an expired evaluation license when trying to login via web browser, but actually I’m running a licensed version…

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How to Show Up Existing Ports in Composite Structure Diagram

Composite Structure Diagram is a UML diagram specific for model the internal structure of a structured classifier or collaboration. Ports are often used to represent property of classifier that specifies a distinct interaction point between the classifier and its environment, or between the classifier and its internal parts. Same as a normal model elements in Visual Paradigm, the ports can be reused across diagram when reusing the parent classifier. In this article we will show you how to reuse the port of a classifier in different diagram. Suppose we have the composite structure diagram like below and we reuse the Car class on a different diagram.

Original composite structure diagram

To bring up the ports which already attached to the Car class: Read more

Why I cannot migrate my project to Scrum for requirement management?

When I try to migrate the legacy UeXceler in my project into Scrum the following error showing up.

Cannot migrate legacy UeXceler to Scrum

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How to Delete Project from Local Repository

Visual Paradigm support version control on models using VPository cloud service, or on-premises Teamwork Server. But in case user do not require team collaboration development support and do not have access to Internet, then he can use the embedded server to version his project. Same as the free VPository subscription user can have 1GB local space on embedded server for version support to their projects. In case space the local repository run out of space user can delete the projects to reclaim the space. To delete the project in local repository: Read more

Replace Model Element with Open API

In Visual Paradigm the models you created are in repository basis, where a single model element can appear on multiple diagrams, or even multiple occurrence in a single diagram. Each occurrence (we call the view) on diagram is a visual presentation of the model element. In some case you might want to change the underlying model element of a view to another model element without affecting the diagram. In this article we will show you how to change the underlying model element of a view using Open API. Read more

Create Generalization Set using Open API

tomcat-thumbThe generalization set defines a set of generalization relationship that describe how the superclass may be divided by a set of subclasses. The generalization defined in the set can group together in diagram for better presentation of the model. The generalization set can defined via the GUI on diagram or using Open API. In this article you will learn how to create generalization set using Open API in Visual Paradigm. Read more