Generate Image Map for your diagram using Open API

Image map allow user to create hyperlink to specific part of an image in a HTML document. With Open API you can export your Visual Paradigm diagram into image file also generate HTML document with image map on it. This allow user click on the shape in diagram image and jump to the URL which you defined. In this article you will show you how to export diagram into image and generate image map for it. Read more

Understanding date time format of comment

When inserting comment to diagram/model element via Open API the date & time look different to those created from GUI.

Comment generated by Open API showing different date time format

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Running Floating License with VPository

VPository is a free cloud service for Visual Paradigm users to perform various team collaboration activities such as version control, change management, task management, agile requirement capturing, etc. In version 14.1 it further improved which now support hosting of floating license key. Now floating license users no longer need to setup their own floating license server. They can host their floating license using VPository for reduce their administration work. This also enable their license accessible from any place around the word without the needs of setup of any VPN or special tunnel. This article will show you how to configure your v14.1 VPository to host your floating license. Read more

Changing Order of Child Elements using Open API

tomcat-thumbThe Model Explorer is the place which showing entire model collection in your project as well as their structures. Visual Paradigm provide different ways for present the elements in Model Explore by using different sorting algorithms. But even the best sorting algorithms sometimes may not fit you need. In this case you may need to manually order the elements in the order you like. With Open API you can do this programmatically by creating a plugin. In this article we will show you how to change the order of child elements in the selected parent model element. Read more

Control background color of shape using Open API

tomcat-thumbWhen creating diagram sometimes you might want to have shapes showing different background color. To do this you can specify the background color of individual elements one by one. But instead of manually specify the background color shape by shape, you can also do this via Open API. In this article we will demonstrate how to control the background color setting of elements in your active diagram using Visual Paradigm Open API. Read more

Generate CRUD chart for DFD using Open API

tomcat-thumbCRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) are the four basic operations which being performed on data. When analyzing a system, relaying various activities and data together with a CRUD chart can help to understand the relationships between different activities, and how they being link together by the data. Visual Paradigm support creating CRUD chart for any model elements in the project. Besides manually create the CRUD chart you can also generate programmatically using Open API. In this article we will teach you how to generate CRUD chart using Open API. Read more

Hiding class attributes using Open API

Visual Paradigm Open API provide Java programming interface for manipulate diagrams and models within the project. In this article we will show you how to hide out attribute from class shape in class diagram. Suppose we would like to hide out the name attribute from Customer class in current opening diagram: Read more

How to update project to latest revision in VP Project Viewer

Visual Paradigm Project Viewer (VP Viewer) is a free application which allow users to browse the content inside the Visual Paradigm project file. In team collaboration environment, user can use VP Viewer to checkout project form VPository or on-premises Teamwork Server for review. Upon new revision of the project is available, VP Viewer user will be notified and he can update his project to latest revision for reviewing the changes. To update the project to latest revision for VP Viewer: Read more

How to Backup VP Server Repository

tomcat-thumbVP Server is a server application which included the Teamwork Server, Floating License Server and Update Server. To protect you from losing your valuable works, it is recommended to backup the server from time-to-time. This article will show you how to get it done by using the built-in backup script.


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