How to Create Parallel Event-Based Gateway

tomcat-thumbThe Event-Based Gateway represent a branching point in business process where the alternative path being executed based on the events that occur. The Event-Based Gateway can be in Exclusive type of Parallel type. To create parallel event based gateway in business process diagram in Visual Paradigm:


  1. Select Event-Based Exclusive Decision/Merge (XOR) gateway from diagram palette and put it into diagram, or right click on an existing gateway and select Type > Event-Based Exclusive Decision/Merge (XOR) from popup menu.

    Create gateway from diagram palette

    Change existing gateway type

  2. Right click on the gateway and select Open Specification.

    Open gateway’s specification dialog

  3. Select Parallel in Event gateway type.

    Specify the gateway to be parallel type

  4. Select Instantiate in the specification dialog.

    Specify the gateway to be Instantiate

  5. Press OK to confirm the change.

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