Specify default diagram for your Doc. Field

Fill-in Doc in Visual Paradigm’s Doc. Composer is a powerful tool which allow Visual Paradigm inject diagram and model information into your Microsoft Word document. In your Word document you only need to define the Doc. Fields (special tags) for data injection. When the Doc. Composer engine go through your document it will replace the tag with appropriate diagram and model data according to the template (customizable) you specified.

In Fill-in Doc the diagram information is output with the ${DIAGRAM} tag. Depending on the diagram type and scope specified in Doc. Field the fill-in doc editor will offer different selection items for you. For example, a Doc Field like ${DIAGRAM, “Business Process Diagram”, “BusinessProcessDiagram”, ONE, “Basic”} will allow you to pick any one of the Business Process Diagram in your project for injection. And a Doc. Field like ${DIAGRAM, “Business Process Diagram”, “BusinessProcessDiagram”, ANY, “Basic”} will allow you to pick multiple Business Process Diagram from your project for injection.

But consider a situation that you want to output your diagrams one by one in different place of your document, instead of picking the diagram one by one manually in Fill-in Doc editor, you can directly specify the target diagram that should automatically picked by the Doc. Field. To do this you can add the PreferredDiagram or PreferredDiagram.Name argument to your Doc. Field so that you can pick the diagram directly from Word file.

For example

${DIAGRAM, “Business Process Diagram”, BusinessProcessDiagram, One, “Basic”,PreferredDiagram =”XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”}

${DIAGRAM, “Business Process Diagram”, BusinessProcessDiagram, One, “Basic”,PreferredDiagram.Name=”As-is Process Diagram”}

The PreferredDiagram argument allows you to specify the diagram using its internal ID (can be queried using Open API), and the PreferredDiagram.Name allow you to specify the target diagram using its name.

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