How to output relationships details using Doc. Composer

Doc. Composer provides an extremely customizable way to query the details of model elements and out put them into Word, PDF and HTML documents. In this article we will teach you how to customize the document templates to output the details of a relationship model.

  1. Go to Tools > Doc. Composer > Manage Template XMLs…

    Manage Template XML

  2. Select General in Manage Template XML.

    Select General type

  3. Right click on General/Relationships (General) template and select Duplicate… from popup menu.

    Duplicate Relationships template

  4. Name the template as General/RelationshipsWithDetails.

    Name the template as General/RelationshipsWithDetails

  5. Edit the template to add a cell Description in the first row of the summary table.

    Add a cell in table heading for Description property

  6. Edit the template to add a cell for printout the description property in the looping row.

    Add a cell in table for Description property

  7. Press Save button to save the change.
  8. Now change to display the template according to Model Type.

    Change to Model Type

  9. Select Class model type, then right click on the Details template to duplicate it.

    Duplicate Class Details template

  10. Name the template as DetailsWithRelationshipDescription.

    Name the template as DetailsWithRelationshipDescription

  11. Locate the line <Reference template=”General/Relationships”/> and replace the reference template to General/DetailsWithRelationshipsDescription.

    Change the reference to General/RelationshipsWithDescriptions

  12. Press Save button to save the change. Close the Manage Template XML dialog.
  13. Now go to Tools > Doc. Composer to create a Doc. Composer.

    Create Doc. Composer

  14. Select Build Doc from Scratch.

    Build doc from scratch

  15. Select the Class in Model Explorer. Drag out the template DetailsWithRelationshipDescription and drop it to document editor.

    Drag & drop the DetailsWithRelationshipDescription template to document

Now the description of the relationships are being rendered in document.

Description of relationships being rendered do document

You can refer to the Doc. Composer Template Reference to find out the available properties of the relationships which can be rendered with Doc. Composer.

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