Import diagrams from to VP Online

Visual Paradigm Online (VP Online) is a unified online platform contain numbers of power tool, include modeling of customer journey, perform agile development with Scrum process, management your development process with the built-in task management platform, and drawing various kind of diagrams (UML, BPMN, ArchiMate, ERD, AWS, Azure, etc…) to model your system. VP Online support import drawing from external tools such as To import drawings from

  1. Select File > Save as… in while you opening your diagram.

    Select Save as to your diagram in

  2. Enter the file name and select Device to download your diagram into XML format.

    Enter file name and select Device

  3. Login to VP Online.

    Login to VP Online

  4. Select Diagram tool.

    Select Diagram tool

  5. Specify the target project if you are using Starter Edition or above.

    Select target project

  6. Select Open From Device.

    Select Open From Device

  7. Press Choose File button to open the File Chooser, and select the XML file downloaded in step 2. Press Open to proceed.

    Select diagram file

  8. Now the diagram is imported to VP Online.

    Diagram imported to VP Online

  9. Go to File > Save as > VP Online to save your diagram into your VP Online project.

    Save diagram to project


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