How to Upgrade My Subscription to Higher Edition

tomcat-thumbVisual Paradigm license subscription service allows user to rent and use Visual Paradigm software on monthly basis. It helps user to save money while benefit from the use of modeling tools in software development. The subscription service is a good point to kick start of adopting Visual Paradigm product. As your project goes complex, you may need to upgrade your subscription from to higher edition for the advanced features. Upgrading your subscription is an easy task and can be done in few clicks. In this article, you will learn how to upgrade your Visual Paradigm subscription license to higher edition.

To upgrade your subscription license to Visual Paradigm:

  1. Login to your Customer Service Center account.

    Login to Customer Service Center

    Login to Customer Service Center

  2. Select your subscription license and press Change Edition.

    Select subscritpion license to Change Edition

  3. A new browser window or tab will be pop-out and redirect you to our online shop. Now, press the Subscribe button below the target edition to place order.

    Select target edition for upgrade

  4. Review and update your billing information when needed.

    Review and update billing information when needed

  5. Scroll down the shop page and it will show you that the remaining values of your current subscription license which will be refunded. Recurring payment for your current subscription will also be stopped.

    Existing recurring payment will be stopped and remaining value will be refunded

  6. When everything is fine, scroll down to select your preferred payment gateway and press CHECK OUT button to proceed the payment process. You will be redirect to your selected payment gateway for making the payment.

    Select preferred payment gateway and checkout

  7. Once you finished the payment process, you will be redirected from payment gateway back to our online shop. A confirmation notice of your order will be shown.

    Order confirmation after complete the payment process

  8. At the same time, you will receive an email indicating that the upgraded subscription is ready for you.

    User will also receive email to confirm the order

  9. When starting the software it will automatically launch into your selected edition, with the license in Order is in progress state.

    Visual Paradigm launched as the selected edition upon next start up

  10. After the payment being processed, you will see the subscription is ready in your Customer Service Center account.

    Subscription fully upgraded when payment being processed

  11. And Visual Paradigm will show a valid license.

    Visual Paradigm shows it got a valid license

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