Why I cannot manage my Doc. Composer Templates?

I would like to make change to the Doc. Composer templates but received error complaining on the permission.

Complain on lack of permission to edit Doc. Composer templates

Complain on lack of permission to edit Doc. Composer templates

This is caused by you didn’t have sufficient permission enabled in your VPository. To solve this problem:

  1. Login to the admin portal of your VPository or on-premises Teamwork Server as Admin user, or the user which got permission to manage users.

    Login to VPository admin portal

  2. Select Members under Management on the left menu.

    Select Members under Management

  3. Mouse over the member and press Edit.

    Edit the member

  4. Switch to Permissions tab.

    Switch to Permissions tab

  5. Turn on the Doc. Composer element templates permission and save the change.

    Turn on Doc. Composer element template permission

  6. On the problematic user’s Visual Paradigm client, select Logout under Team > Utilities.

    Logout Teamwork Client

  7. Now go to Team > Select Repository.

    Select Repository

  8. Press Login under Existing Registered User and login to VPository again.

    Select Existing Registered User to login

After that the user should able to edit the Doc. Composer templates.

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