How to Paste Text to Description Editor without Rich Text Format

When you copy and paste formatted text into a description editor in Visual Paradigm, it automatically brings along the formatting properties. This sounds reasonable and is quite a nice behavior if you really want to keep the style of text contents. However, there are several reasons why you might not want to keep the formatting. First, when you copy from web page, it may bring along crappy HTML contents, say the hidden table borders and layers. In fact, when CSS is widely used in most of the modern websites, what you copy from a webpage is not necessarily what you can get when pasting without the existence of the CSS. Second, you may not want to mix up the style of text in your description with the source. Third, although the crappy formatting properties may look invisible in the description editor, they may affect the content in generated documentations. After all, to clear those formatting tags is time consuming and error prone.

Account for the reasons above, it would be nice to have certain ways to paste text without including formatting properties, which means, to paste as plain text. In Visual Paradigm, the “Paste without formatting” function is provided to serve this purpose.

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How to Find Text in Description

The find feature allows you to search for specific words or sentences within text in the description editor. Finding starts from the beginning of the description, regardless of the position of text cursor. The first occurrence of text that matches with the entered search text will be highlighted. You can move to the next occurrence by clicking on the Next button. You can perform finding in all the RTF description editors, such as the description editor in specification window.
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How to Add Diagram Link into Description

When you are documenting your model, you may come across the situation where you want to make a reference to certain diagram in the project to help you explain an idea or to give reader supplementary information they may find useful. For example, you may want to add into the description of a class, a note to tell the developers that if they want to know more about the state change of the class, refer to certain state machine diagram. While the reference feature allows you to establish formal and contractual reference between model elements and diagrams, the reference function you can find within the description editor enables you to add diagram link into any part within a description, casually and informally. Such a diagram shortcut enables reader to jump from description to a diagram, which makes navigation much easier.

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