Setup VP Server with SQL Server

tomcat-thumbVP Server is a server application which included the Teamwork Server, Floating License Server and Update Server. Instead of setup these server applications one by one; they can be setup via the single VP Server package. VP Server using database for storing the settings and configurations, such as teamwork user account, history for check-in & check-out of project files, floating license status, etc. You can setup VP Server with an embedded database, or using some popular DBMS such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. This article will teach you how to setup a Microsoft SQL Server database for the VP Server. We will use the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Edition to demonstrate how it works. Read more

How to Find Out What Version of SQL Server You Are Using

Visual Paradigm supports data modeling with ERD and a set of engineering features like the reverse engineering and generation of database. The features are related with each other. For example, you may generate a database from physical ERD. In order to construct a data model that helps you build a database properly, you need to name the entities and their columns properly. Besides, data types of columns should be well-considered. Just to take the type ‘char’ example, there are quite a number of similar types like varchar, varchar2, nvarchar, etc. If a wrong type is chosen for any column, you may get data corruption or result in data lost.

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Solving SQL Server Connection Problem

SQL ServerUpon database modeling with Visual Paradigm, you always need to connect to the database server to perform generation of your database and reverse engineering of your ER model. However, you may encounter problem in connecting to the Microsoft SQL Server, which is a great obstruction to your modeling. In this article, we will provide ways to help you to check whether your configurations for connecting to SQL Server are correct.
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How to Define Sequence for your ID Generator in ERD

coverIn relational database, records are identified by a unique value. We call this value the primary key. Some databases allow to control how this unique value is being generated by defining the sequence. In this article, we will show you how to model the sequence with Visual Paradigm and use as the ID Generator for your database tables.


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