How to reset your VPository password November 24, 2015

tomcat-thumbVPository is a cloud-based collaboration platform provided by Visual Paradigm. The enterprise-strength collaborative platform provides software development teams with 1 GB FREE storage to store their software design. Team members can access VPository to checkout the projects they need and start working on them. You have full permission to manage your VPository over the web, including manage of member accounts. In case you lost your password you can easily reset it over the web interface. This article describe how to reset your password via the web interface. Read the rest of this entry »

How to unify the look of your diagrams across OS November 18, 2015

Visual Paradigm is a cross platform modeling tool which can work on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X as well as Linux. User’s project can be opened between different OS without loss of data, and teams with multiple OS can also work together. But in some situation your diagram may look slightly difference when opened with different OS. Most of the case this problem is caused by the variation on font rendering in different OS. We can overcome this problem by picking a font for the diagrams which work on most of the OS.

Same diagram looks slightly different across OS

Same diagram looks slightly different across OS

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How to use Java Development Kit (JDK) classes in your class diagrams November 17, 2015

tomcat-thumbJava Development Kit (JDK) is a platform for developing Java applications. It provides the runtime for running Java applications, as well as the tools that needed for develop, compile as well as debug Java programs. JDK provides a large library that ease the development of the software. During design time you may want to present the JDK classes which used in your model. You probably need to re-create them manually before using it. In this article we will show you how you can reverse engineer JDK’s library into class model using Visual Paradigm, and use them in your class diagrams. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Downgrade Visual Paradigm Project File to Older Version

Once you saved your old version project in new version software, you can no longer open it in the old version software. Similarly, the project you created by new version software will not be able to open by older version software. However, in case you want to open new version project in older version software, we will provide two possible ways to downgrade your project file to older version in the following paragraphs.

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Changing the IDE for your VP IDE Integration November 12, 2015

Visual Paradigm not just can run as a standalone modeling software, but also can embedded into your favorite IDE via Visual Paradigm IDE Integration, including Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio as well as Microsoft Visual Studio. You may need to upgrade your IDE from time to time when it got new release, but sometimes you might not want to directly upgrade your IDE software but prefer to have a clean start with the new version by reinstall it. In this article you will learn how to change your existing VP IDE Integration to your new IDE. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Run a Subscribed Visual Paradigm Product November 10, 2015

tomcat-thumbVisual Paradigm’s product subscription plan allows users to rent and use Visual Paradigm on monthly basis. It was designed to help customers to save money while benefiting them  from the use of modeling tools in software development.

To subscribe to a Visual Paradigm product is really easy. Just visit the Visual Paradigm Store and then follow the steps there to proceed to purchasing. And upon the completion, you will be able to start using the subscribed product without having to wait until the payment is received and processed. In this article, you will learn how to run a subscribed Visual Paradigm product.

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How to run VP Server with SSL certificate November 4, 2015

VP Server is a critical component for a team since it serve as both Teamwork Server (on-premises setup of VPository) for team collaboration development, as well as the License Server for floating license environment. Thanks for that VP Server was using a standard Apache Tomcat webserver as its base, you can easily protect the communications with VP Server by configure it to run with your own SSL certificate.

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Selecting Wireframe Widgets without Moving the Parent October 30, 2015

The wireframe feature enables development teams to create initial screen mock ups without having to develop any semi-completed applications nor even any prototypes. Many development teams find wireframe an inexpensive and useful tool because wireframes are simple enough to be created in quick and be understood by anyone. Its simple layout also leaves room for discussions.

Visual Paradigm’s wireframe tool has incorporated many editing functions that make editing much easier. One of the editing functions is InstantFreeze. In this article, we will show you how to select wireframe widgets effectively with InstantFreeze.

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Generate DDL from ER Model without Connect to Database October 2, 2015

The database modeling tool in Visual Paradigm allow user to design and model database with Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). Besides modeling of database, you can also generate Database Definition Language (DDL) from your ERD. Unless you would like to generate DDL for altering the database, otherwise it is not necessary to setup connection with your database in order to generate DDL. You can simply pick the default database for your project, and let VP generate the database creation statement for you. To specify the default database for your project: Read the rest of this entry »

Trigger Plugin with Shortcut Key September 24, 2015

When using plugin in Visual Paradigm, the case the plugin action will be registered to the application toolbar and can be accessed via mouse click. Besides trigger the plugin by mouse click, you can also trigger your plugin via shortcut key. Read the rest of this entry »