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Configure VP Server Update Module only provide update on specific build

VP Server providing the update server module which helps to host the product update. The update module will constantly check for update from Visual Paradigm’s download site.  By configure user’s Visual Paradigm client performing update via the update server, the colleagues are guarantee to be running the product on the same build. But for some […]

Import VP Online diagrams to VP Desktop

VP Online is a cloud platform which allow users to perform modeling work simply using web browsers. For VP Desktop user they can also use VP Online as their project repository. This article will teach you how VP Desktop user can access to the diagrams they created in VP Online using web browsers.

Generate HAR file for troubleshooting VP Online issues

When troubleshooting issues sometimes Visual Paradigm Support Team will need user’s help to obtain additional information about network request that generated in your browser while problem occurs. In this article we will show you how to collect the network request from your browser. Bear in mind that the collected network request may contain sensitive data […]