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Debug your plugins with IntelliJ IDEA

Visual Paradigm Open API provides an interface for developers to develop plugins and extend the functionalities of Visual Paradigm. During development of the plugin constant modifications will be done to fine tune your plugin. Instead of deploy the plugin to VP every time after you made changes, you can directly launch VP with your plugin […]

Delete custom Doc. Composer Templates

Doc. Composer templates allow user to customize how the model data being generated into documents. For standalone users or team collaboration users with proper permission he can freely make change or create customize templates. In case the template become outdated and wrongly created he can then remove it from repository. In this article we will […]

Create Decision Table using Open API

Decision Table is a handy tool to present the business rules and regulations. It present the rules in tabular form which make it become an extremely easy to use reference resource on business decisions and system logics. Decision Tables is supported starting from the Professional Edition of Visual Paradigm. Besides create it manually over Visual […]