How to create black box pool with multi-instance participant

A pool in business process modeling notation is representing a participant in a collaboration. A pool can present as a container and showing the detail of its process, or present as a black box. If the pool is associated with participant it can then further specify its multiplicity. To create black box pool with multi-instance participant:

  1. Right click on the pool and select Black Box from popup menu.

    Change the pool to black box

  2. Right click on the pool again and select Open Specification.

    Open specification dialog of the pool

  3. Select Create Participant under Participant.

    Create participant under the pool

  4. Specify the name of the participant.

    Specify the name of the participant

  5. Select Participant Multiplicity in Multiplicity.

    Specify participant multiplicity for the pool

  6. Specify the Minimum and Maximum values.

    Specify multiplicity value

  7. Press OK to close the Participant Specification dialog and Pool Specification dialog.

Now the pool will show with multiplicity participant mark.

Pool show with multi-participant

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