How to Show Up Existing Ports in Composite Structure Diagram

Composite Structure Diagram is a UML diagram specific for model the internal structure of a structured classifier or collaboration. Ports are often used to represent property of classifier that specifies a distinct interaction point between the classifier and its environment, or between the classifier and its internal parts. Same as a normal model elements in Visual Paradigm, the ports can be reused across diagram when reusing the parent classifier. In this article we will show you how to reuse the port of a classifier in different diagram. Suppose we have the composite structure diagram like below and we reuse the Car class on a different diagram.

Original composite structure diagram

To bring up the ports which already attached to the Car class:

Method 1 – Using Popup Menu

Right click on the class and select Show Ports form popup menu.

Show port from popup menu

Method 2 – Using Model Completion List

  1. Press on the Resource Catalog icon of the class.

    Click Resource Catalog button

  2. Select New Port resource button to create a new port.

    Select New Port resource

  3. Press Ctrl + Space while the port is still in the initial editing mode.

    Press Ctrl+Space while in initial editing mode

  4. Select the target port from the port list and press Enter to confirm.

    Select port from list to reuse it

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