Why UeXceler complain free trial expired even I’m having a purchased license?

The VPository complains I’m running an expired evaluation license when trying to login via web browser, but actually I’m running a licensed version…

The UeXceler and other web access features such as Tasifier and Web Diagrams require user having a valid Visual Paradigm license with active maintenance. If user start using those features since product evaluation, the VPository will record user is running evaluation license and allow user to access those features during evaluation period. The license information on VPository will be updated when user login Visual Paradigm client to VPository. Therefore to solve the problem:

  1. Open Visual Paradigm client which already activated with a valid license.
  2. Go to Team > Select Repository.

    Select Repository

  3. Select Existing Registered User.

    Login as existing registered user

  4. Enter the login information and perform login.

After that the UeXceler and other web access features will become available to user to access via web browser again.

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