Downloaded Installer is Damaged and Cannot be Install on Mac

This article discusses an issue encountered by Mac users where the Visual Paradigm installer file downloaded is corrupted, making it impossible to install. We will also explore the solution to this problem.

Downloaded installer being complain is damaged
The downloaded installer being complained damaged

The root cause of this issue is probably due to Apple’s failure to update the signature of our installation file, leading Mac OS to mistakenly identify it as malicious software. To resolve this problem, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Enter the command xattr –d %path_to_VP_Installer%
    * Replace %path_to_VP_Installer% to the actual file path to your downloaded installer file
    Enter command to whitelist Visual Paradigm installer
    Enter the command to whitelist Visual Paradigm installer
  3. Execute the installer and perform the installation as usual

* The command will not give any response that it works or not.
* If the issue persists, please attempt to download the installer again from our website, or alternatively, reach out to the Visual Paradigm Support team for assistance.

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