How to upgrade your Visual Paradigm Desktop client (perpetual license) to higher edition

You may be using the Modeler Edition of Visual Paradigm and want to upgrade to higher edition for more features. In this article, we will provide you with all the information about upgrading, from pricing to procedure.

Upgrade price

As an existing Visual Paradigm user, you may be concerned about the pricing to upgrade to higher edition – Do I need to pay full price for the new edition? The answer is No. When you choose to upgrade to a higher edition, you only need to pay the price differences. The only thing required is that you must purchase an upgrade with maintenance service as a bundle. While you are always welcome to contact Visual Paradigm directory regarding your upgrade request, you could also do that though our online Customer Service Center.

Upgrade procedure

To upgrade your Visual Paradigm Modeler to higher edition:

  1. Login to your Customer Service Center account.

    Login to Customer Service Center

  2. Switch to Edition tab. By selecting the license and target edition the price for upgrade will be showing. Press the Buy button to proceed.

    Purchase upgrade from Edition tab

  3. You will then being redirect to our online shop. Your licensee details will be showing on the shopping cart. You can take this chance to review and update your contact and billing information.

    Review contact and billing information

  4. Scroll down to select your preferred payment gateway and press CHECK OUT button to proceed the payment process. You will be redirect to your selected payment gateway for making the payment.

    Select payment gateway and check out

  5. Once you finished the payment process, you will be redirected back to our online shop. A confirmation notices of your order will be shown.

    Order confirmation

  6. At the same time you will receive an email with the activation code for the target edition of Visual Paradigm.

    New activation code will be sent to you by email

  7. If you are using floating license your confirmation email will also contain the new floating license key.

    Floating license user will receive new floating license key after placing order

Running the target edition for Single Seat License user

  1. If you are using single seat license you can now turn on your Visual Paradigm Modeler. Few minutes later it will prompt you to restart and have the software automatically upgrade to target edition. But in case you didn’t being prompted you can do it yourself by go to Window > License Manager.

    Open License Manager

  2. Select Change License.

    Press Change License

  3. Then choose Perpetual License

    Select Perpetual License

  4. Enter your new Activation code, Name and Email address and press the Activate button to perform the activation again.

    Enter your new activation code, name and email address

  5. Visual Paradigm will then prompt for restart.

    Restart the software to launch in upgraded edition

  6. After that your Visual Paradigm will be launched as the target edition.

    Application changed to the upgraded edition

Running target edition for floating license user

  1. Login to your license server as Admin user. Or if you hosting floating license on VP Online then login to your VP Online using browser.

    Login to license server (VP Server / VP Online)

  2. Select Floating License on the left panel.

    Select floating license on the left panel

  3. Press Import License button.

    Import License

  4. Press Browser button to open the file chooser and select the floating license key downloaded from the order confirmation email.

    Select the new floating license key obtained from order confirmation email

  5. Press Upload File button to upload the key.

    Upload license key to server

After that the new floating license will ready in your server. User’s Visual Paradigm desktop client will automatic launch in the upgraded edition upon restart.

New license key ready in server

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