How to evaluate different editions of VP Online

Visual Paradigm Online (VP Online) is a pure web based platform provide modeling and project management support. It comes with different editions covering different set of features. By default when you evaluate VP Online it will be in the Premium Edition which cover all the features. In case you would like to try out the lower editions you can follow the steps below to make the change:

  1. Open the popup menu under your name and select Dashboard.

    Open Dashboard

  2. Open the popup menu under your name again but this time select Administration.

    Open Administration panel

  3. Select Members menu on the left.

    Select Members menu

  4. Mouse over the user and press the Edit.

    Edit the member

  5. Select the target edition at VP Online Edition.

    Select target edition

  6. Press Save to confirm the change.

    Save the change

Your account will immediately switch to the target edition for you to continue the evaluation.

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