Output Business Process Task Procedures to Document

In Visual Paradigm user can define multiple set of working procedure to task and sub-process in business process diagram. The working procedures can be extracted from Doc. Composer and generate into a work manual.

Suppose we got the following BPD and with procedure defined on each task.

Task with procedures defined

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How to printout reference diagram for model element

Visual Paradigm support adding diagrams to model element as reference for provide supplementary information to your design. This reference relationship is not just a link defined in model, but also can output into document via Doc. Composer. You can output the reference by just display its name under the model element, or print the referenced diagram inline to the details of the model element. In this article we will show you how to print out the reference diagram inline to the details of model element. Read more

Why the table in my document always start on new page?

When generating document using Fill-in doc my table always start on new page instead of following the previous paragraph….

Table always start on new page

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Output the RACI value for particular role in the project

Doc. Composer allows you easily output responsibility of a role (pools and lanes in business process) against all related task and sub-process within the project at once. In this article we will demonstrate how to output all tasks related to particular role and his responsibility value by using customized templates. Read more

Generate links to glossary term in Doc. Composer

A glossary term is a word or phrase that is important within your project scope. In Visual Paradigm you can define the glossary terms and organize them in Glossary Grid. The glossaries in project can be outputted to document using Doc. Composer with the linkage maintained. Read more

List out all model elements with references

With Doc. Composer you can easily list out all model elements in your project which having particular properties defined. In this article we will demonstrate how to list out the model elements in your project which having references with other diagrams, model elements or external resources. Read more

Perform Conditional Formatting

It is very often that you would like to emphases particular details in the document which is generated from your model. Thanks to the fully customizable templates in Doc. Composer, you can achieve this by perform conditional formatting based on particular information in your model. In this article we will show you how to define conditional formatting in Doc. Composer templates.

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Report changes between revisions

Starting from version 14.1 you can report the changes between revisions of your project via Doc. Composer. In this article we will demonstrate how to output the changes of your project between the specified revisions in tabular form.

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Defining template for columns in fill-in doc.

Starting from version 14.1 user can specify template for each column when generating Fill-in Doc. This give user more flexibility on constructing tables in Fill-in Doc without creating their own table templates. When defining table in Doc. Base user can specify template in column using ${TEMPLATE notation. Consider you have the following table in your Doc. Base file where you wish to output the name of diagram in first column, and the diagram image in the second column:

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Sorting Elements According to their Location in Diagram

When output diagram elements to document via Doc. Composer, by default elements are sorted according to their creation order in the diagram. The sort order can be controlled by define sorting parameters in Doc. Composer templates, including to sort the elements according to their location in your diagram. In this article we will demonstrate how to control the sort order of element according to their location in the diagram.

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