Tricks for plug-in development.

Create a BPMN Conversation Diagram

A conversation diagram is used to shows message exchange between pools. This article will demonstrate how to create a conversation diagram with BPMN using Open API.

The conversation diagram will be created

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Create an Organization Chart Using Open API

Organization chart is a useful tool for showing an organization’s structure, indicating its parts and positions’ relationships and ranks. This article will demonstrate how to create an organizational chart using Open API.

The organization chart will be created by the plugin.

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Create a Mind Map Using Open API

Mind Map is a useful tool to visualize information, where relationships between information are drawn. In this article, you will be shown how to create a mind map using Open API.

The Mind Map going to be created

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Create Data Flow Diagram Using Open API

A Data Flow Diagram displays the flow of data of a system, using rectangles and arrows. This article will demonstrate how to create a data flow diagram using Open API.

The diagram will be created by the plugin

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Create Entity-Relationship Diagram Using Open API

Entity-relationship modelling (ER model) becomes handy when building a data base. An ER diagram is being used to indicate relations between different entities in a data base. This article will show you how to create an Entity-Relationship Diagram using Open API.

The ERD going to create by the plugin

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Create Decision Table using Open API

Decision Table is a handy tool to present the business rules and regulations. It present the rules in tabular form which make it become an extremely easy to use reference resource on business decisions and system logics. Decision Tables is supported starting from the Professional Edition of Visual Paradigm. Besides create it manually over Visual Paradigm’s client you can also do it programmatically using Open API. This article will demonstrate how to create Decision Table using Open API.

The decision table going to create by the plugin

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Create Migration Roadmap Diagram using Open API

Migration roadmap allow user to model and document the time frame, transition and migration of his projects. Besides it also helps to record when a project is reviewed and investment will take place throughout its life-cycle. In Visual Paradigm you can create migration roadmap by manually create it on diagram, or generate it via Open API. In this article we will show you how to create migration roadmap using Visual Paradigm‘s Open API.

The migration roadmap created with Open API

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Create Business Process Diagram using Open API

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a standard to model and visualize the business workflow. In Visual Paradigm user can model the business workflow with BPMN using Business Process Diagram. In this article we will show you how to create Business Process Diagram with BPMN using Open API.

Sample Business Process Diagram

This is the Business Process Diagram we going to create. It consist of pools, lanes, task, sub-process, start and end events, as well as sequence and message flows. Read more

Generate Document for each Business Process Diagram in Project using Open API

Doc. Composer is a build-in document builder in Visual Paradigm which allows user create professional looks document with fully customizable XML templates. With the Build from Scratch mode user can create customized XML template and drag & drop it into document editor for rendering documents. This process can be automated using Open API. In this document we will demonstrate how create plugin to automatic publish all business process diagrams in your project to Word document using your specified XML template. Read more

Create Glossary Grid with Open API

Defining glossary help your team to understand the software without ambiguity. In Visual Paradigm you can define glossary terms for explaining your models. The glossary terms can be explained by textual description, categorized by labels, and link up the meaning with similar terms using alias. Glossary can be created via the user interface or programmatically with Open API. In this article we will teach you how to create glossary grid using Open API. Read more