Fix Project Publisher Generate Blurry Diagram Image Problem

When try to output your project with large diagram using Project Publisher you may found it looks blurry. This is because by default Project Publisher will limit the size of the generated diagram image to maximum 4096 x 4096 px. If your diagram is larger than this size then the exported image will being scaled thus making the content looks blurry. To override this default setting:

  1. Go to working directory of your VP application.
    Window/Linux installation version: %VP Installation directory%/bin
    Mac installation versio: Visual
    InstallFree version (all OS): %VP Installation directory%/Application/bin
  2. Create a blank file

    Create to working directory

  3. Add the line PublisherImageNoSizeLimit=true to file.

    Edit the file to add PublisherImageNoSizeLimit properties

    Edit the file to add PublisherImageNoSizeLimit properties

  4. Startup VP application

After that your diagram will publish in full size and will not looks blurry.


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