Get Version Upgrades for Your Visual Paradigm Product

Keep upgrading your Visual Paradigm product means to keep your work up-to-date, because every time a new version is available, it comes with tons of new and powerful features, all for improving your productivity and the quality of work.

In order to keep your Visual Paradigm product up-to-date, make sure your software maintenance contract is active. Within the software maintenance period, you can upgrade your software to the latest versions with no additional cost, no matter how many versions will be released within the maintenance period. Note that the price for renewing active maintenance is cheaper than reinstate expired maintenance.

Extending or buying software maintenance can be done in the Customer Service Center. This article will instruct how to renew your maintenance step by step.

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Error: Failure on request starting subscription

We have made the new subscription of VPository available only to users who are using the latest version of VP-UML, Agilian or Logizian. This is to allow us to provide our customers with the best possible service and that service is up to the latest standards and trends.

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