Error: Failure on request starting subscription

We have made the new subscription of VPository available only to users who are using the latest version of VP-UML, Agilian or Logizian. This is to allow us to provide our customers with the best possible service and that service is up to the latest standards and trends.

If you attempt to subscribe to VPository from an old version of VP-UML, Agilian or Logizian, you will receive the following error:

Failure on request starting subscription


Please upgrade to the latest version and subscribe again. If you are our customer, you can login your customer account to obtain the installer and license of the latest version, provided that your product maintenance contract is active. If you are evaluating, please download the latest installer files from the Visual Paradigm products download page.


Although new subscriptions made by old version of products are disabled, users who have already subscribed to VPository will not be affected, which means that if you are using version 11.0 of VP-UML and have subscribed to VPository, you can continue using VPository will VP-UML 11.0 even when we have released version 11.1. But as always, we recommend our users to keep up-to-date to enjoy the new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

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