How to solve the problem on cannot enter non-English characters to Story Map on Mac

Some Mac users may experience problem on unable to enter non-English characters into story map. To solve this problem:

  1. Upgrade your software to patch v15.1 build 20181130ap or later (see Update Visual Paradigm to Latest Patch about how to update the software to latest patch build)
  2. Go to ~/Library/Application Support/VisualParadigm folder. Make sure you are going to the Library folder (which is a hidden folder) under your user home instead of the one under the system.
  3. Create a blank file UserSpecific.options

    Create UserSpecific.options file

  4. Enter HeavyweightBrowser=true to the file and save the change.

Next time starting Visual Paradigm will allow you to enter non-English characters to Story Map.

Enter non-English characters to Story Map

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