Checkout project from SSL subversion server [Obsolete]

Team collaboration development on Subversion had been discontinued starting from Visual Paradigm version 13.0

This article teaches you how to checkout project from self singed SSL subversion server.

  1. Open command prompt window and change directory to %VP-PRODUCT_INSTALLATION%\bin.


    Go to bin folder

  2. Run the SVN command to connect to your https server. (e.g. vp_windows\svn\bin\svn ls https://${yourHost}/${yourRepository}


    Run SVN command

  3. Answer “p” to permanently add the certificate.


    Add the certificate

  4. Start VP-UML and click Open Teamwork Client from toolbar.
  5. Input Subversion server login information.


    Login to SVN

  6. Select project in Manage Projectdialog box.


    Select a project

  7. Open project.


    Open project

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