Why I cannot access some features over web interface of VPository?

When trying to access to web interface of VPository the following error was shown.

Some of the features in Visual Paradigm such as UeXceler, Customer Journey Map, Tasifier and Web Diagrams are accessible to user over web interface when user’s perpetual license is covered by active maintenance contract, or using valid subscription licenses. Those features still accessible to user via desktop clients (except web diagrams) but just not available over web browser. If your license do have valid maintenance but still experience this error then please perform the steps below to resolve the issue.

  1. Login to your on-premises Teamwork Server as Admin If you are using VPository then please login as the owner of your VPository.

    Login to Teamwork Server as Admin user, or login to VPository as owner

  2. Select Members from the left menu.

    Select Members tab

  3. Press Update License.

    Press Update License

After that user will able to access those features again on web by re-login to web interface.

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