How to rename your web project in VP Online

For using VP Online in pure web based projects user can rename the project in following way.

  1. Visit VP Online using browser and press the Login button at the top right corner.

    Visit VP Online website and press Log in button

  2. Login to your VP Online workspace.

    Login to VP Online

  3. Press the down arrow next to your name and select Administration from popup menu.

    Open Administration panel

  4. Select Projects on the left menu.

    Select Projects from the left menu

  5. Mouse over your project and press Edit.

    Mouse over the target project and press Edit button

  6. Change the project name and press Save button at top right corner.

    Rename the project and press save button

Once it being renamed the new project name will reflect on Online diagram, Agile Story Map, Tasifier and Customer Journey Map.

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