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How to Draw a Directed Association

In UML (Unified Modeling Language), an association can be used to represent that two classifiers which are related with each other. On any binary association, you may optionally put a solid triangular arrowhead near the name of the association to define the way the association should be read. In this article, we will see how […]

How to Share Report Composer Templates Effectively with VP Teamwork Server [Obsolete]

This article is out-dated. For user on Visual Paradigm 12.1 or above please refer to How to Share Doc. Composer Templates with your Teammates for details about how to share your templates. Report Composer allows you to develop reports tailored to your company/industry requirements and standards. You can decide the project data to show in […]

Working with Master View

When your project is simple, you are able to express all of the design ideas with just a few diagrams. The diagrams are simple and self-explanatory. Each of them represents a distinct design idea and there is no overlapping between diagrams. When you are dealing with a complex project, you may need to draw multiple […]

How Can Windows Tablets Facilitate Effective Workflow Presentation

In business improvement, business users’ feedback is important to help improve the quality of process design. That’s why analysts have to meet with the users from time to time to present the latest process design and ask them for feedback. Unfortunately, traditional ways of presentation, such as slideshow failed to work well for presenting process […]