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Show Diagram’s Project Management Properties in Diagram Info Shape

Diagram info shape provides a place to document and display diagram information in diagram. You can add diagram info shape to any diagram to document a diagram. Project management properties are a set pre-defined properties, made for recording additional management-level information for all kinds of project data. With diagram info shape, you can show in […]

Tips for Working with Large Projects

When working with a large, enterprise scale model that involves many diagrams and model element, we may find experience slowness in application, uneasy to model effectively in large diagram and difficult to locate model element. In this article, we will introduce some tips to help improve application performance, reduce time in modeling and diagramming, and […]

Overview of Team Collaboration Support

Team collaboration development on CVS, SVN, Perforce and ClearCase had been discontinued starting from Visual Paradigm version 13.0 Visual Paradigm supports collaborative and concurrent modeling, and versioning of works in the following ways: Visual Paradigm Teamwork Server (A native product developed by Visual Paradigm) SVN CVS Perforce ClearCase In this page, we will have an […]