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How to Find Text in Description

The find feature allows you to search for specific words or sentences within text in the description editor. Finding starts from the beginning of the description, regardless of the position of text cursor. The first occurrence of text that matches with the entered search text will be highlighted. You can move to the next occurrence by clicking […]

Identifying Build Number of Visual Paradigm

When you report an issue to Visual Paradigm, you are encouraged to provide the build number of your Visual Paradigm product installation. By knowing your build number (and other details provided), Visual Paradigm technical support team can take appropriate measure to your problem. Let’s say if the issue you reported has already been fixed in […]

How to Assign Entities in ERD Database Designer to a Schema?

Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML) comes with an ERD database designer where database developers can model physical database with Entity Relationship Diagram. The database designer supports popular database constructs like database table (called Entity in VP-UML), View, Sequence, Stored Procedure, Trigger, etc, supporting the need of database modeling for any kind of database management systems.

Featured: FREE Cloud Storage for Collaborative Software Modeling

VPository is a cloud-based collaboration platform launched by Visual Paradigm on June, 2013. The enterprise-strength collaborative platform provides software development teams with 1 GB FREE storage to store their software design. Team members can access VPository to checkout the projects they need and start working on them. Click on the links below to learn more […]

How to Re-use Business Process Modeled in Another Project

When you are modeling business processes with business process diagrams, you may find that although the business processes are different and yield different goals, many of them are indeed sharing the same set of workflow. For example, both the process of ordering and returning goods share the same packaging and delivery processes. These common workflow […]