Delete a Specific Message of Combined Message in Communication Diagram

Majority of products in the market though allow users to create multiple messages which results in confusion with multiple arrows on a message link. What even worse is that you find it hard to delete a specific message among various messages. With VP-UML, you can not only combine numerous messages into a combined message with just one arrow, but also delete a specific message of the combined message instead of all messages.

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Easy Screen Mockup with Screen Designer

Web Application UI is an easy-to-use screen mockup tool which can help you to develop the prototype of your user interface with few clicks. Since most common UI elements are handy, you can speed up the creation of user interface. Moreover, with resource centric interface, you can add a note for your UI elements to provide references.

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Advanced Printing Features of Logizian

Along with the basic printing setup, Logizian enables you to perform various additional functions in order to print the size of your diagram at its best. This article is mainly concerned with adjusting page margin, printing with multiple page mode and printing with clip marks.

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How to Draw a UML Association Class

An association class, which is essentially a class attached to an association, is used to model an association as a UML class. It has its own name, attributes operations, just like any other ordinary class. However, it is described by additional attributes which does not belong to the objects involved in the association. For example, an Enrollment class is added to hold the attribute year between Student class and Course class, but it does not belong to either Student class or Course class.

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Export UML Class Diagram to Microsoft Excel

Visual Paradigm for UML supports exporting and importing Microsoft Excel file. You can export diagrams to Excel file, edit model elements’ name and their properties in tabular format and furthermore, import the modification back to VP-UML.

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Publish Your Business Process Using the Project Publisher

Logizian enables you to publish your project to the web. You can share your latest business process and system designs with your clients, team members and colleagues from other departments through the Project Publisher. All information about the project gets published, including the documentation, property details, internal references and external references of each diagram and model element.

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How to Add Custom Fields to Use Case Details?

Properties or tags are used to keep information about use case and can be viewed in Use Case Details. In there, you will see a number of fields such as level, complexity and author that are provided by default. In VP-UML, if you need to store additional information in use case details, you can create custom fields to do that.

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Compare Databases with Visual Diff

Visual Diff is a feature providing visual comparison between diagrams. We can make use of Visual Diff to compare the structure of different databases. Assume we have 2 databases, Database1 and Database2. To compare different databases:

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Comparison of Query Performance when Working with ORM

Using Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) approach is very popular in developing modern database applications. ORM allows you to handle relational data in a pure object-oriented approach, which is more natural to developers and also the modern programming language they are using (i.e. Java, .NET).

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Using GUID Column in ERD

GUID (Global Unique Identifier) is a special type of identifier in Microsoft SQL Server, which commonly use for generate unique value for key columns. You can specify column as GUID through the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). The steps for specify GUID column is quite simple:

  1. Specify MS SQL Server as default database server of the project
  2. Specify the datatype of primary key column as uniqueidentifier
  3. Change the ID Generator of the primary key column as GUID

The following flash movie demonstrate how to specify the primary key column as GUID.