When Reversing Java Code to Sequence Diagram, Why Can’t I Select an Operation?

When reversing Java code to sequence diagram, sometimes you may not be able to specify a method for conversion. In the window, somehow the class (to which the method belongs) can’t seem to be expanded to list anything and therefore the method is nowhere to be selected. What happens?

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Why Aren’t There Any Operations to Choose from in Reverse Engineering of Sequence Diagram?

What you need to do to reverse engineer UML sequence diagram from Java code is to select the source folder first, and then pick-up an operation from the identified classes. Visual Paradigm will form a sequence diagram by analyzing the operation you selected. A frequently asked question about this process is “Why aren’t there any operations?” We are going to answer you why in this article.

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How to use Java Development Kit (JDK) classes in your class diagrams

tomcat-thumbJava Development Kit (JDK) is a platform for developing Java applications. It provides the runtime for running Java applications, as well as the tools that needed for develop, compile as well as debug Java programs. JDK provides a large library that ease the development of the software. During design time you may want to present the JDK classes which used in your model. You probably need to re-create them manually before using it. In this article we will show you how you can reverse engineer JDK’s library into class model using Visual Paradigm, and use them in your class diagrams. Read more

How to Perform Code Engineering with VP-UML and Eclipse on Mac OS X

A great software design lead to a great piece of software product. With the help of VP-UML, Mac users can design software system on their Mac easily. What’s more, VP-UML’s supports both code generation and reverse engineering, which aid in the seamless transition between software design and source code. Its Hibernate support also makes database application development much easier by producing the object layer (both library and code) essential in building a database application in an object-oriented fashion. In this article, we will demonstrate the various ways of source code generation with VP-UML. Eclipse IDE will be used at the parts that involve coding.

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